5 de Diciembre Area
  • Mexico Avenue

    Shopping area with many stores, handcraft stands, typical local products and souvenirs at accessible prices. It nearby the Buenaventura, Porto Nuevo and Rosita hotels, the Tlaquepaque handcraft store, the famous Pepe’s tacos, El Andariego, Salsa Grill, El Carboncito and Rio Grande restaurants.

  • Municipal Market

    This is a typical “pata salada” (salty feet) market also known as the market of the sea,

  • Cemetery

    The final resting place for members of the oldest families of the city.

  • Plaza de la Hermandad (Brotherhood Plaza)

    San Salvador S/N, Col. 5 de Diciembre. Sede de recitales musicales y poéticos a la orilla del mar, a un lado del Hotel Villa Premiere

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Rosita hotels, the Tlaquepaque handcraft store, the famous Pepe’s tacos, El Andariego, Salsa Grill, El Carboncito and Rio Grande restaurants.

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because there you can find a wide variety of fresh fish and other local products, dairy products, fresh made tortilla stands, food and seeds. It is also the meeting point for both, the founders of the city and the newcomers who have already made of Vallarta their home. It is close to Paloma del Mar hotel and La Traviata Restaurant

  • Camarones Beach

    In July 2015 it was awarded the Blue Flag, and international certification that has only been granted to twelve beaches in Mexico to certify the water quality

  • Museo del Tequila

    Guided visits: Mon-Sat 11:00am-6:00pm (every hour) Know more about how tequila is made

  • Hidalgo Public Park

    Perú S/N, Col. 5 de Diciembre | Phone. (322) 222-2590<br /> It houses the sculpture of the Father of the Nation, made by José Esteban Ramírez Guareño.

  • Church of Our Lady of Refuge

    Perú esq. Argentina, Col. 5 de Diciembre | Phone. (322) 222-4980; 222-1879<br /> Simple gothic style architecture

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to certify the water quality,  accessibility, safety and cleanness of beaches. Ideal to try some delicious oysters or the traditional “pregnant fish.  The perfect beach to enjoy with your family.

In the surroundings: 


Villa Premiere

El Pescador


 Beach Club:

Mangos Beach Club


El Barracuda


Solar Playero

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attend a tequila testing, the national drink by excellence. Visit the main attractions on board of a “tranvía” (streetcar) and to end the journey, do not miss the unique show of typical folklore dances.

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From November to May it is one of the places where the “Estampas de México” Festival is held. It is nearby the Rosita Hotel and Tino´s Restaurant,

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. It turned fifty five years old in 2015. Its patron saints festivities are celebrated in July 4 with a popular fair. Located across from Hidalgo Public Park next to the Pan &Que Restaurant.

Downtown area
  • El Malecon

    The most beautiful pedestrian walkway in the Mexican Pacific where you can find:

  • The Malecón Lighthouse

    Nearby the lighthouse area you will find the Florio’s Restaurant, Suneson Jewelers, Tequila Cofradía, La Fiesta handcraft store, Sr. Frogs souvenir store, Diamante Jewelers, La Posta Restaurant, Mi Querencia Restaurant, Morelos Bar, UNO Gallery.

  • Guadalupe Sánchez Street

    It is famous for its restaurants and the restaurants in the neighboring area such as El Arrayan, La Isla, Pipi´s Restaurant, Café Des Artistes, Mama Rosa and Sí Señor Restaurants.

  • Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Hidalgo 370, Downtown | Tel. (322) 222-1326 | Services: Mon. – Fri. 7:30am, 12:00pm and 7:00pm. Sat. 7:30am, 12:00pm, 5:00pm (Services in English), 6:00pm, 7:30pm and 8:30 pm

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The Seahorse

The Papantla flyers

“Los Arcos” open air theater”

Sand sculptures



Along the Malecon you will find:


The Rosita Hotel

La Bodeguita del Medio

The Jazz Foundation

Paradise Burger

Ole and Seven Silver Shop Jewelry

La Dolce Vita

Bubba Gump

Sr. Frogs


La Fiesta Handcraft store

Popo´s Boutique

No Name Boutique

Zingara Boutique

Doña Raquel Diner

La Unión Beer Hall

Oceano Bar

Mounkey bar

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Sun. 6:30am, 8:00am (mass for children), 10:00am (bilingual service), 12:00pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm y 8:30pm (mass for the young)

It started to be built in 1918. It is a mixture of neoclassic, baroque and even renaissance styles. From December 1st to 12 this church hosts the most important religious celebration in Puerto Vallarta.  The original crown was designed and sculpted by José Esteban Ramirez Guareño. In the streets near the church you can find typical and gourmet restaurants: El Campanario, El Tradicional, Gaby´s Restaurant, La Cigale, El Trío, El Patio de mi Casa, Catedral Vallarta Hotel Boutique and the CECATUR Hotel & School,  La Parisina Fabric Store (located in the former theater building) and the Azteca Mexican Candy store.

  • Plaza de Armas (Parade Ground)

    It houses the work of the sculptor Miguel Miramontes, to honor the famous jurist and former governor of Jalisco, Ignacio Luis Vallarta Ogazón.

  • City Hall

    Independencia 123, Downtown | Phone. (322) 223-2500 | Mon. – Fri. 9:00am-6:00pm; Sat. 9:00am-2:00pm<br /> Seat of the local government, The Tourism Office is outside the building, inside there is a wall paint by the Honorary Citizen of the city of Puerto Vallarta”, the painter Manuel Lepe.

  • The Stone Arches, Malecon, Downtown

    According to history, the original arches came from a Colonial Hacienda in Guadalajara, after the Kenna hurricane hit the city in 2001, a copy of the arches made of cantera stone was reinstalled one year later by the sculptor Martín Distancia Barragán.

  • Naval Historical Museum

    Zaragoza 4, Malecón, Downtown | Phone. (322) 223-5357 | Tue.- Fri. 9:00am-7:30pm; Sat. - Sun. 10:00am-2:00pm and 3:00pm-7:00pm

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You cannot miss the municipal band and traditional “danzon” dance every Sunday evening at 6:00pm.  The Rio Hotel is very close to the plaza.

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Seat of the local government, The Tourism Office is outside the building, inside there is a wall paint by the Honorary Citizen of the city of Puerto Vallarta”, the painter Manuel Lepe.

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a copy of the arches made of cantera stone was reinstalled one year later by the sculptor Martín Distancia Barragán

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It offers guided visits to tell the history of Mexico in relation to the ocean, from the time of the Spanish conquest and until the modern times.  The permanent collection shows paints, photos, documents, navigation instruments, sea maps, and scale models.

  • Malecón II Downtown

    Starting at the “Fuente de la Amistad” (Fountain of Friendship), the Malecón becomes colorful and tasty at sunset, with

  • Paint Galleries

    From popular Mexican art to avant-garde proposals. There are at least twenty art houses that display the most traditional

  • Handcraft Street

    The Agustín Rodríguez Street is known as the handcraft street where you can find boutique markets,

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delicious typical Mexican snacks: esquites (corn grains), roasted corn sticks,  wheat flour snacks flavored with lime and chili, artisanal ice cream and more

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(photography. Sculptures and engraving) as well as avant-garde proposals (art + object and performances), seasonal events such as the Art walk and the Southside Shuffle from October to May, the group of galleries present the new exhibitions by international artists with welcome cocktail gatherings open to experts and to the general public.

Art Galleries (Downtown)

Des Artistes

Omar Alonso







Caballito de Mar

The Loft

Galería de Ollas


Sergio Bustamante

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Candy stores, tequila stores, and other places that display merchandise made by local and national craftsmen.

The largest handcraft and food market is located in the Rio Cuale,  it  has 155 stands, 18 are food stands and 137 sell a great variety of merchandise. The Pueblo Viejo Handcraft Market, the Rio, Encino, Porto Allegre Hotels and Catedral Vallarta Hotel Boutique are also there. If you want to eat there is the COEXIST RESTAURANT, a cafeteria and cigar Factory.

Gringo Gulch / El Cerro
  • Gringo Gulch

    It is the area where the first foreign residents went to live in 1950. In Zaragoza 445 street it is the House of Kimberley

  • Matamoros Lighthouse

    The old buoy located some 190 meters from the Malecon, was built in 1932 and was in operation until June 1978.

  • La Cruz Viewpoint

    Abasolo S/N, Downtown | A spectacular view of the bay, it was started to be built in 2014, when it is finished, it will have a terrace

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a property that was given as a birthday gift to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. There you can also find the Hacienda San Ángel Hotel Boutique, Los cuatro vientos and Luna Liquida.

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Now a days it is a very popular site to take pictures of the Historic Center from the Gringo Gulch

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a tower and a cableway. At present, the only access is through walking paths that connect with the Abasolo Street up to the Emilio Carranza street. Once there, you have to take the Abasolo Street all the way to the top, very near to la Siesta Hotel, ideal to see the sunset.

Rio Cuale Island
  • Rio Cuale Island

    Located right in the middle of the city, the island devides the center of the Romance Zone. It is famous for its hanging bridges and its colorful vegetation

  • Cuale Cultural Center
  • Museum of Archeology

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Here you can find the Cuale Cultural Center, the Cuale Museum of Archeology, many handcraft stands, Le Bistro, River Café and Oscars Restaurants, some sculptures including that of John Huston, the film director, the Rivera del Rio and Belmar hotels. In the East side of the city there are panoramic view stairs connecting to the island also known as the “Island of the Children”. The Gringo Gulch and the panoramic view stairs are inspired in the urban art of the streets in Puerto Vallarta, taking the image of an iguana spinal cord, a reptile that is very common in the area.

Romantic Zone, West side Emiliano Zapata Area
  • Colonia Emiliano Zapata

    Found between the Romance Area and the famous Rio Cuale, it is one of the first neighborhoods to be inhabited in Puerto Vallarta

  • La Santa Cruz Church
  • Insurgentes Street
  • Manuel Lepe Museum

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from the time it was founded in 1851, it keeps a lot of its original truly local colorful environment.  It is a residential zone, but you can also find stores, hospitals and a very famous local and worldwide cuisine.

Here are some of the best kept secret recopies jealously guarded to themselves by the people of Vallarta. Some of its seafood restaurants are a must to visitors such as El Capi seafood restaurant in Francisco I. Madero street, El Pajarito, near the Cuale River bank up from the Naranjo Street, or Doña Celia Eating House in the Lazaro Cárdenas Street, where you can enjoy some of the best rated restaurants by Trip Advisor.


Main attractions:

La Santa Cruz Church

Cuale River bank

Manuel Lepe Museum

Insurgentes Street

Main Restaurants

Hacienda Alemana


Casa Naranjo

Tony´s Please

Uncommon Grounds Chill Out Lounge

Mi Cafe

Polo´s Restaurant Bar


Doña Celia Eating house

San Lucas Restaurant

La Ronda

El Pajarito Seafood

Romantic Zone
  • Basilio Badillo Calle de los cafés (Coffee Houses Street)

    The “Calle de los cafés” is still the place to enjoy a good breakfast, or a good conversation in the evening, Make your choice between Restaurants and Coffee places: Café del Mar

  • Olas Altas

    This Street is well known for its restaurants and coffee houses with outside tables, wide sidewalks, and places like the Maximillian Cafe, Café San Angel, Andale, and the Playa Los Arcos Hotel.

  • Rodolfo Gomez Street

    A shopping street where you can find restaurants: Michel, La Piazzeta, Barra Light, Coffee shops: The Coffee Cup, Café Madero, Beauty parlors: Avalon, Massage places, Suites Amapas 115, San Marino and Emperador Hotel & Suites.

  • Los Muertos Beach

    Here you always find something unique, local snacks like the famous pregnant fish, water sports, live music, handcrafts and souvenirs, its iconic dock and the original sculpture of the seahorse at las Pilitas. There you can also practice Flyboard and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

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Panchos Tacos, Fajita Republic, Café de Olla, Las Margaritas, the famous Chocodiva chocolate factory, recognized art galleries, handcraft and clothing stores, and  Posada de Roger Hotel.

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Adjoining areas:


Emperador Vallarta Hotel & Suites


Si Señor

La Palapa

Mahi mahi

Beach Clubs:



  • Los Muertos Pier

    In the day time this is the place to sail on a barge bordering the beaches to the South of the city. It is ideal site to watch the sunset, the pier is a modern structure,

  • Sea horse sculpture in Los Muertos Beach

    Almost everyone knows the Sculpture of the Sea horse in the Malecon, near the Mantamar Beach Club, but very few know that the original sculpture is actually in Las Pilitas at Los Muertos Beach

  • Lazaro Cardenas Park

    In the Folk dancing season, the local dancing group called Xiutla, performs from November to March in the amphitheater,

  • Amapas neighborhood area

    This is the area where large condominium complexes have been built; it is a residential and tourist área that blends the services offered by hotels, restaurants, bars and beach clubs.

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Panchos Tacos, Fajita Republic, Café de Olla, Las Margaritas, the famous Chocodiva chocolate factory, recognized art galleries, handcraft and clothing stores, and the Posada de Roger Hotel.

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from November to March in the amphitheater, the host of the “Viva Puerto Vallarta” Mexican Fiestas.  The “Ándale, Bernardo” sculpture, made by the North American artist Jim Demetro, is part of the park attractions. The Playa del Sol Hotel, The Blue Shrimp, Daikiri Dicks, and Serranos Restaurant, the Eloisa Hotel and the famous Mural de Azulejos are located nearby the park area.

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There you can find tourist attractions such as:

The Beach of the Dead

The Pulpito small plaza famous for its cable car

Calle Pulpito

Visit the famous restaurants La Palapa, Mahi Mahi, Pulpito 166, Maia, and Cocos Kitchen, the Villa Mercedes and Torre de Oro hotels, the Garbo, Blondies and The Swedes Bars.

LGBT Friendly Zone

Blue Chairs and Casa Cupula Hotels.