The boy on the seahorse is a bronze sculpture designed by Oscar de la Torre Padilla and made by the sculptor Rafael Zamarripa in 1960, it has been restored and sent back to Las Pilitas, where it now rests on a reinforced base after it was damaged due to different weather adverse weather conditions. In 1976 a reproduction of the original work was made, it is almost three meters high and placed on the Malecon in front of the old light house. This sculpture is now one of the main points of interest and the most photographed tourist attraction. Through the years, this emblematic figure has become a distinctive symbol, an icon that provides us with identity and distinguishes us as the purests expression of the blending of men with the ocean and its abundance.

The seahorse has been with us for almost half a century, it has survived hurricanes and swells. A seahorse after all, the ocean seems to reclaim its creature sometimes, but “The Sea horse” remains firmly among us, showing us that high class bronze runs through its veins, it honors its true nature of quarter horse.   .

To interpret this sculpture we should analyze the elements it is made of: the sea horse, the child and the charro hat.

The seahorse refers to the ocean as the generator of Vallarta’s true nature, of its purest essence that has always been the beauty and the abundance.

Vallarta owns the ocean its abundance from the ancient times when the old Puerto de Las Peñas was founded, when its privileged geographical situation made it the exit door for precious metals from the mountain mines to the world, and the entrance door for groceries from the rest of the world to the mining towns provoking a trading boom.  .

The ocean as the way to trade natural richness, the ocean as the way to trade agricultural goods, the ocean as the producer of her own richness, fish, sharks, pearls, alligators, and finally, the ocean as the indisputable provider of beauty and tourist boom.

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