Its story begins at the beginning of the XX century, when the foundations to build the first church in Puerto Vallarta were dug. At the beginning it was just a small chapel created to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe, until father Francisco Ayala arrived to town in 1915, he suggested to building a reproduction of the original Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City.

It was no longer a chapel when it was officially declared a parish. The crown on top of the tower has become a distinctive symbol of Puerto Vallarta and it remains in the memory of all of those who visit us. It is said that it is a reproduction of the crown that belonged to Carlota, the empress, Maximillian’s wife, and that it is being held up by eight angels..

The baroque style construction with renaissance style towers is truly magnificent, as the neoclassical building with contributions from Mexican craftsmen. The inside furniture is made of carved wood. The marble altar matches in magnificence,. For the believers, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, painted by Ignacio Ramirez and the altar piece finished in gold leaf are the main elements to admire.

If you have been to Puerto Vallarta, it is sure that you have already visit our church, if you are about to visit us, do not forget to include it in your “things to do” list. It is not only to be taken pictures of, it is by all means one of the relevant buildings in the city and the spiritual core for the Catholics in Puerto Vallarta.

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